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We specialize in the design, implementation, and maintenance of:


• Small Office / Home Networks


• Internet connections


• High and Low traffic web sites


• On-site email services


• Wireless networking



Small Office / Home Networks Have more than one computer? Are they connected so that they share files, printers, drives, and one Internet connection? We can design and install a low cost local area network for your home or office, connecting up to 250 computers together.
Internet connections Providing a secure Internet connection for the various computers on your LAN is very cost effective. We can put your network and computers behind a firewall, greatly enhancing your data security.
Low traffic web sites If your anticipated Internet web site traffic is less than a few gigabytes per month you can host your own in-house server very inexpensively.
High traffic web sites We can set up and manage a hosting account for you on a high availability, high-bandwidth site with email, SQL databases, and both ASP and PHP servers for less than you might have imagined.
On-site email services We can configure a server for you that will handle your email in-house. That gives you more control, and lowers your costs.
Wireless networking Sometimes the expense and trouble of wiring is not the best solution. Wireless Networking provides rapid installation, ease of mobility, and no wiring expense.
Internet Service Provider Shady Lane Networking is a registered Internet Service Provider. We can supply you with your Internet connection as well as register your domain name.

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